“Academic, Intellectual, Happy, and Hopeful” is the motto of Shu-Te University. Following the educational strategy of national economic development, Incubation and Innovation Center of STU was set up in 1999, with the goals and objectives, this center integrates academic, administrative and facilities on campus, and coordinate with experts, industries and governmental resources that are out of campus in a hope to combine these two forces to commit to empower and develop creative transform of industry.


Following the progress of Knowledge and Digital economics, traditional industries are facing necessarily transforming and digitization. More and more traditional industries are now turning into taking creation and culture as the developing elements, they also integrates local village developing style and emphasize local features and reflect its historic background, even more, integrates knowledge economic with creative marketing to develop brand new innovative industry.

This center was set up based on distinct industrial consideration, put efforts on human resource buildup, case analysis, information integration, atmosphere establishment and interface among industry, government and academy. Promote different dimension of creation mechanism and encourage industry to develop new products with elements of creation and culture, together to promote added value of economic activities, then open a new market of business efficiency.

Resources and Services

•Provide necessary space                                 •Managemental consultation services

•Techniques transfer assistance                     •Company set up assistance

•Acquiring governmental resources              •Consultation for improvement of business management

•Enact strategic alliance with industries      •Cooperation of industries and academy, research projects

•Support services for administration            •Support for commercial marketing

•Writing of business management plan       •Curriculum for employees training

•Establishing marketing channel                  •Organize exhibition of achievement

•Assistance for entrepreneur and financial management