Innovation and Incubation Center Introduction


Shu-Te University Innovation & Incubation Center was established in 1999 in order to comply with the promotion of cultural and art industries by the Government, which established Ministry of Culture to devote more resources to the related industries. In 2013, STU integrated original resources from the university and those from every related domain and established STU Arts and Culture Industry Innovation and Incubation Center.

STU Arts and Culture Industry Innovation and Incubation Center thus gathers abundant resources from the College of Design with cultural and innovative bases, from the College of Informatics with digital technology bases, from the College of Management with marketing, management and financial bases, and from the College of Liberal Education with literature and aesthetics bases to assist industries to combine local characteristics with cultural and innovative industries.

The Center aims at developing and helping cultural and creative industries, cooperating with Incubation Alliance of Innovative Industries and Southern Alliance of Innovation and Incubation Center and strengthening academic-industrial cooperation for sustainable development.