1. What is an innovation incubation center?

A: The incubation center is a place that breeds new businesses, new products, new technologies and assists small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade and transform. It effectively integrates multiple resources by providing space, equipment and R & D technology, co-financing funds, business services, and management consulting. Reduce costs and risks in the early stages of entrepreneurship and R & D, create an excellent nurturing environment, and increase your chances of business success.


  1. What services does the Innovation Incubation Center provide?

A: In addition to office space (cultivation space), equipment rental and basic administrative services, it also provides services such as technology development, co-financing, management consulting, and international market expansion. The Innovation Incubation Center effectively connects talents, technology, funds and special issues, and leverages the entrepreneurial talents to accelerate the development of enterprises.


  1. Who can apply for Innovation Incubation Center space?

A: Any manufacturer that meets the recognition criteria for SMEs within the Republic of China/Taiwan, or an off-campus innovation and entrepreneurship team whose technology and products are innovative and rudimentary, as well as on-campus teachers and students’ innovation and entrepreneurship team can apply.