Task & Responsibility

Consultation, management and evaluation of enrolled business

Items for consultation includes following 7 items, IIC will organized a committee, a consultation team, a program host, and project manager to support relative tasks.

a. Technology development.

b. Commercial promotion.

c. Collection and analysis of related market information.

d. Provide financing facility information and services.

e. Products promotion.

f. Apllication to governmental projects.

g. Human resource training.


Items for management includes personnel and space management, public facilities management and efficiency management. And they are the responsibility of IIC managers.

Items for evaluations includes:

a. Hours for consultation.

2.Progress of products development.

3.Application for governmental projects.

4. Feedback to Innovation and Incubation Center.

5. Progressive efficiency of business management, includes: capitals, personnel, products, market, revenue, profit.

6.Enrolled business should prepare periodical business management report (includes research and development, management, financial status, bottleneck and difficulty encountered) and submit to IIC to be discuss in relative meeting.